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Fear of Flying Programme

A Fear of Flying programme is the easiest and most innovative way to get the bad feeling above the clouds under control.

Appointments are bookable daily!

The fact, that the fear of the unknown, which is often combined with flying, in most cases with playful manner can be deleted, often is the base for the fear of flying programme.

A qualified pilot will accompany you, explaining the procedures involved in flying a plane, make sense of all the noises that a plane makes during flight and explain what happens in emergenices and the systems to prevent collisions.

00:00 Your exciting experience programme starts! Your instructor, an experienced pilot, inducts you into the theory of flying: Why does an airplane fly, how does it take off and land and how does the pilot control the machine, which impacts does the aerodynamic have to the flight – those are just few topics of this short briefing! The focus will be on the topic safety on board, turbulences, landing in bad weather etc. – participants receive the opportunity to ask their individual questions and to get to know more about the subject relaxed flying.

01:00 Now it says: Ready for take off! In the cockpit you get the chance to try out your new knowledge from the theory to apply. Also you can try to prove all your questioned…

Our pilot demostrates how secure a plan can fly with only one engine and shows that there is also a chance for perfect landing during the bad view.

You also get an opportunity to be a pilot for 15 minutes.

01:20 You are not a new person…. But now you you will see the flying from another view. The strange sounds after the take off doesn’t make you unconfortable anymore and even when turbulances occure you always remember the words from the pilot that its also no reason for anxiety when you drive over bumpy road.


What is included:

  • You will be welcomed at iPILOT flight simulator center
  • Coffee and soft drinks during your visit
  • Extensive briefing by your instructor (60 minutes)
  • 60 minutes in the flight simulator (15 minutes as pilot, 45 minutes as observer)
  • A certificate as a memory

Please reserve your fear of flying programme via phone.

 Price per person: 299 SFR



Gift Card 100.00 CHF